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At Forbes Waterloo Toyota, your continuing safety is our top priority. We want you to be able to enjoy superb peace of mind, no matter where your road takes you. Knowing if there are any manufacturer recalls on your car, truck, or SUV is essential to maintaining the confidence you feel when you’re behind the wheel, and helps to eliminate any potential surprises down the road. Want to know if your Toyota has any recalls? Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be happy to complete a thorough recall check.

 Not all recalls are created equal. To give you the most tailored experience possible, Toyota runs two different campaigns that are specifically designed to give you an idea of the importance of a recall, and let you know what you need to do when it’s issued. 

Here’s some more information on Toyota campaign types:

Safety Recall Campaign (SRC)

A Safety Recall Campaign is launched when Toyota has determined that a defect or non-compliance with a Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard exists in your vehicle. Any issue that violates government safety regulations, or poses a potential hazard to drivers is covered under this type of campaign. As you may have already guessed, SRCs are a top priority! Any inspections or repairs that are needed as a result of this campaign are performed at no charge to the vehicle owner.


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Campaign Definitions

Limited Service Campaign (LSC)

If Toyota determines that your vehicle needs an inspection or repair to address a non-safety product or technical issue, a Limited Service Campaign will be launched. Unlike SRCs, there is a limited period of time in which the inspection or repair can be performed at no charge to the driver. Of course, Toyota encourages all drivers to take advantage of Limited Service Campaigns as soon as possible!

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